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X men dating quiz

The X-Men has had many members throughout the years, memorable characters like Gambit, Angel, Cyclops and Wolverine and not so memorable characters like Slipstream, Mercury, Lifeguard and Maggott, the question is, do you remember them all?

So were some of the filler characters, like Spider-Man.

After messing around for ages I figured out the word used is "Past" but who the hell uses that? The pictures make things difficult though unless you know the costume some characters look really similar. There were a bunch I didn't recognize and only got Wolfsbane because of the alphabetical listing of most of the characters.

Dandy-ish tailoring and statement hats *struts peacock-ishly* SCORE 2 POINTS B.

Smart tailoring and thoughtful demeanour *strokes chin* SCORE 3 POINTS C.

You're looking for someone to have fun with, someone who has bounds of energy.

Plus, Liam's got those boyish looks, that effortless charm, and, well, those abs.

Not being allowed to put Ben Deeds as Morph is weird too, let alone not being allowed to put Kavita Rao/Cecilia Reyes for Dr Kavita Rao/Dr Cecilia Reyes. 83%- 137/165 Would've been better if they used better pictures (Forget Me Not is unrecognisable, so is Wolfsbane) and only actual X-Men.