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Who is katerina graham dating

Some time Demi Lovato was Dating the guitarist of Metro Station Trace Cyrus.

As for the shipping of real-life people, to each their own.

Just something to keep in mind while living the fandom life.

Kat Graham is a music artist, actress and producer, best known for her starring role in the hit TV show . Nina Dobrev takes a look at her harper by Harper’s Bazaar cover with friends Kat Graham and Jessica Szohr at a celebration event on Tuesday August . Birth Name Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham Place of Birth Geneva, Switzerland Date of Birth Ethnicity *Americo Liberian father *Ashkenazi .

Elle est révélée au grand public par le rôle de Caroline Forbes qu'elle incarne dans les séries télévisées dramatique et fantastique Vampire Diaries et The Originals. Elle a un frère cadet, Kree Thomas Accola, qui est dans l'armée de l'air.