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Who is donell jones dating

For Footaction's latest Free Flow "Cuffing Confessionals" series, Taylor and Shumpert offered major keys for navigating the dating scene (even helping a few bachelors get their style game right) and also chatted with about the staples in their romantic playlist and whether they'd ponder a second musical collaboration below.

Most of them study the greats who’ve lasted time’s exam.

One of those notable examples is award-winning Chicago native Donell Jones.

Up-and-comers would be wise to spend time around Forever–his seventh studio album, or any set in his catalog.

With each release Jones exemplifies the union of artistic and personal growth.

Taylor: Because somebody with a toupee was running around the whole damn White House. I ain't no Obama, but just to know that when you leave the house, you got a woman that's just holding it down.

Shumpert: Yeah, that kind of threw a monkey wrench in what we had going on.

We already know Mariah Carey is taking a page from Taylor Swift's book and writing a breakup song, but now we have some more of those juicy, juicy deets. ”Carey said, Carey samples from Donell Jones' “Where I Wanna Be” for her new song. I don't understand such sex rules.)Is it because she made them sleep in different beds?