Start Vista media center guide not updating

Vista media center guide not updating

I want to emphasize that OS repair techniques that I have previously documented for Windows XP Media Center Edition will not work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and should not be used on these versions of Windows.

Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.

From this article ( we can see that Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data was converted from Zap2It to Rovi.

Today, when I went to look at the TV Lisings, a message popped up saying "Guide Listings will be out of date in fewer than 3 days. So I click on the Download button, and a few seconds later I get the message "Guide Listings were downloaded successfully." But, for each TV channel listed, it says "No Data available".

I have exited Windows Media Center, rebooted the computer, but still no TV listings, which means I can't record TV shows (other than waiting for the show to start and manually recording)On my Windows 7 computer, I also got the message about downloading the latest guide listings, which I did, and it was successful.

This is pretty much unheard of in my household so this started ringing some alarm bells.

With some debugging I found that the television guide was not updating correctly for my over antenna signals.

From discussions on this thread and recommendations from ewtaylo1 (huge thanks!