Start Updating the primary key

Updating the primary key

But some time in the future can be that in our application whe need to have 2 distinc SHIPPED status: "SHIPPED_TO_CUSTOMER", "SHIPPED_TO_SUPPLIER".

Updating the primary key in a database is not normally necessary.

My answer relates to the primary key of the physical [email protected] I agree with you. Usualy the PK of this table contains values like "SHIPPED" "INPROGRES" "CANCELLED"...

In the application ther isn't a place where user can change the PK value, so we can say that the value is "stable".

Event Args e) needs to locate the row based on the original primary key and update the primary key value with the current value of the primary key in addition to updating the other row values with their current values.

Sql Client; private const String TABLENAME = "TBL0408"; private Data Table dt; private Sql Data Adapter da; // . Event Args e) private void update Button_Click(object sender, System.

The structure and fields are identical but there are about 100 or so overlapping IDs.

I have been looking around to try and figure out what to do but not with allot of luck.

I created a Primary key in the Informatica Target definition in order to do inserts, updates, and deletes based on the required primary key columns.