Start Updating suncom cellphone

Updating suncom cellphone

My cell phone provider had been Sun Com since around 2002 when I was lured to them with the "unplan." This promotional plan provided unlimited minutes so long as I made phone calls from within a predefined area (about a 200 mile radius around Greenville). Oh, they had me covered because I was allowed 300 overflow minutes before the regular roaming fees applied. "Hey Evan, why don't you have an i Phone or a Blackberry? And I held my breath as several notices from Sun Com came in the mail explaining the regime change. I assumed the auto-pay I had setup with Sun Com had transferred without a hitch. I was thinking, "Hey, maybe this will be a benevolent dictatorship" Then I received my next bill: $97.15. And in return we've increased the calling radius to all of SC, NC, GA, and VA." A few seconds pass. If they can't send me a letter that has the details of my new plan how can I be responsible for the charges? Who should I talk to if I want to contest those charges? Who do I need to speak with to get this cleared up?

Service pricing plans include voice per minute rates for in-state and out-of-state calls, as well as several fixed rate plans, unlimited call packages, data-only plans, voice-only plans, voice and data bundled plans, pooling and non-pooling plans, and group mobile to mobile rate plans.

Example: [email protected] “Subscribe” You will receive a text message asking you to confirm your subscription: just tap on the link provided OR Simply a “Confirm” link: tap on it Always, an email from [email protected] your subscription.

If you have not received the confirmation within 3 days, send an email with your phone number and carrier to [email protected] identification (updated): Alltel: @message.Att: @net Boost Mobile: @Cricket: @sms.Metro PCS: @Nextel: @messaging.Ptel: @Qwest: @Sprint: @messaging.or number Suncom: @tms.T-Mobile: @Tracfone @mmst5.U. Cellular @net Verizon @Virgin Mobile @Enter your phone number as described above.

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