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Updating library

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Before you update, create backups of the app and your files in case you need them later.

You should also complete any active projects before you update.

This article explains how your updated libraries and other files work in these newer versions of Final Cut Pro X.

Updated Final Cut Pro X files can't be used with Final Cut Pro X app versions earlier than 10.1.

My problems started when I accidentally removed power from a WDC PR2100 that had recently been purchased as a replacement for a failed WDC My Cloud NAS.

The PR2100 was put into service after minimal effort -- define a new SHARE, copy the files from the drive that was a part of the failed My Cloud then change the Sonos configuration to use the new WDC NAS.

What follows is a description of a self inflicted wound, some diagnostic steps and the final fix.

Hopefully, any one else having problems with a Sonos music library hosted on a NAS will be able to use this post to either fix their issue or eliminate an open question about the source of an error (trim the diagnostic tree).

You can update assets to a newer version if you have an updated document.

Make sure you use the same file type as the original file.

For example, you could use a separate library for each of your professional clients.