Start Updating itunes 8 0

Updating itunes 8 0

Plug it back into i Tunes, update it, and choose "restore backup".

If it still complains, do this: While connected to i Tunes, click "Backup".

When it finishes, disconnect the i Pad, open Settings, and choose "Erase all content".

Backing up your device before updating to i OS 8 is quite a vital step, and it can be easily accomplished via i Tunes or i Cloud.

Before performing i OS update on i Phone i Pad, it is strongly recommended to do some pre work before you do any update.

Unless you go through some special process, Apple will only give you a download for the latest version of i OS 9 on my i Pad 2 since i OS 10 won't run on it.

Whether you go to version 8 or 9 though you're going to see a speed hit.

It combines Data-Transfer, Device-Backup and i Cloud-Management all in one software.