Start Updating firmaware

Updating firmaware

It needs a USB connection between the system and the mobile phone, allowing you to download, aside from the newer firmware (if one is available) the user's manual for your device.

You can update the software by connecting the unit directly to the software update server.

Before updating the software in your player, remove any disc and USB device from the player.

LGMobile Support Tool runs on low resources and you don't need more than a decent computer to use it.

It gets along pretty well with modern iterations of Windows, and administrator privileges are not required.

You can update the TS-590S firmware by connecting the TS-590S to the PC by using a USB cable or an RS-232C cable.

Updating the firmware from Ver.1.08 (or before) to Ver.2.03 resets the transceiver automatically due to internal memory address reallocation.

This can be done easily, and quickly, right at home.