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Updating compact framework

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, i installed the 4.0 package from microsoft. let me know if you guys find anything on a windows mobile version of the 4.0 Framework.

- a SSIS script that unzips or zips - An administrative script in Power Shell or VBScript that performs backup and archival. And, the Deflate Stream that is included in Dot Net Zip is available for any application to use, under the same terms as the rest of the Dot Net Zip library.

Dot Net Zip supports these scenarios: - a Silverlight app that dynamically creates zip files. NET app that dynamically creates ZIP files and allows a browser to download them - a Windows Service that periodically zips up a directory for backup and archival purposes - a WPF program that modifies existing archives - renaming entries, removing entries from an archive, or adding new entries to an archive - a Windows Forms app that creates AES-encrypted zip archives for privacy of archived content. It's fast, fully DEFLATE compliant, and it compresses better than the built in version!

Say what you will about the past ridiculousness of . O_o Back in July of 2011 I wrote a post on Issues with . NET 4.5 is still the v4CLR and adds new libraries as well as improvements to the core CLR itself.

It's not the magic of Java Version 6 Update 31 (build 1.6.0_31-b05) but it's a start.

The community is always concerned about breaking changes, much like we are here with . NET 4.5 is not a radically different side-by-side CLR. I realize that when a change breaks YOU it feels like a situation when "100% of applications will break...did! It sucks, but in fact there are minimal breaking changes in . Sure, you can multi-target all these versions and even plugin more targeting packs. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

Unfortunately reality and marketing names haven't always matched, but going forward I think we all agree that: . These internals aren't public contracts so they may have changed. NET 2.0, 3.5, 4 and 4.5 apps all running together on my system? Can I develop apps with different versions with Visual Studio 11 Beta? Rather than using Get Version Ex to determine the operating system platform or version number, test for the presence of the feature itself.

This is a look at the Win Forms sample app that creates and zip files. Some of them don't have enough features (Eg, AES encryption, ZIP64, zip spanning). What I found is that most people want something simple and easy to use, that works well, has good features, compresses effectively and fast, and is the right price. NB: If you open an AES-encrypted ZIP file in Windows Explorer, whether generated by Dot Net Zip or some other tool, you will be able to view the list of files, but you won't be able to extract entries. The advanced features, for things like selecting entries from the zip file, or AES-encryption, or self-extracting archives, are not available using the shell library. To view the chm file, within Windows Explorer, right-click on the CHM file, select properties, and Unblock it (button in lower part of properties window). As well you can Read a zip archive from an open stream - I use this for embedded resources in apps: I call Get Manifest Resource Stream(), and then unzip that resource. Unlike some other libraries, in most cases Dot Net Zip handles the streaming; your application does not need to implement a Read/Write data pump. Using the stream support, you could, for example, open a zip archive, and then modify the files in the archive, and Save out to a Response. Does this library allow removal of entries from zip files, or updating of entries in zip files? Do I have to write programs to take advantage of this thing?

It serves as my free replacement for the $29 Win Zip tool: If you find Dot Net Zip useful, consider donating. Background and Details How does this Zip Library work? Also, AES encryption is not available in Silverlight. Does the library support reading or writing encrypted or password protected zip files? Some people use Dot Net Zip on Mono to produce or edit or files. NET 3.0 are optimized for producing files and files. Just specify the appropriate code page when reading or writing the zip archive. Reading and writing streams complements the capability of being able to Save to a plain file or read from a plain file. Ok, the library can write a zip archive to a stream, and read a zip from a stream, But... or is there some other way I can take advantage of the Dot Net Zip?

Dim Zip To Unpack As String = "" Dim Target Dir As String = "C1P3SML" Console. Overwrite Silently) Next End Using Dot Net Zip is a 100% managed code library that can be used in any . Click this link for information on Getting Started with Dot Net Zip in Visual Studio. The self-extracting archives can either be Windows (GUI) apps or command-line applications. If you don't know what these features are, you probably don't need them and you won't run into interop problems. If you create an AES-encrypted ZIP file with Dot Net Zip, you will be able to view it and extract it in Win Zip, and vice versa. Dot Net Zip provides nice features like progress events and file selectors; the Packaging API does not. All the public interfaces are thoroughly documented. You can view the CHM online I cannot view the CHM documentation.

Write Line("Extracting file to ", Zip To Unpack, Target Dir) Using zip1 As Zip File = Zip File. Extract Progress, Address Of My Extract Progress Dim e As Zip Entry ' here, we extract every entry, but we could extract ' based on entry name, size, date, etc. The release includes the library, as well as some sample applications (with source) showing how to use the library. Some people are willing to give up commercial support for a lower price. Some of those other packages are complex to use for zip files. If I create a zipfile with a java/PHP/Python/C/Perl application, or with Win Rar/Win Zip/7zip, can I open it from within a . Also, Dot Net Zip's AES will work with any other tool that is compatible with Win Zip. Why would a developer not just use the ZIP capability that is built into the Windows Shell? The programming model for managed code apps is much nicer with Dot Net Zip, and Dot Net Zip is faster. Can Win RAR read the zip files produced by Dot Net Zip? But remember, Dot Net Zip does not produce RAR files. The error is: "This program cannot display the webpage." or, "The address is invalid." Is there an error with the chm file? You have likely encountered a problem with Windows protection of files downloaded from less trusted locations. Yes, you can zip up files and Save the zip archive to a stream. All the zip file content can be manipulated in memory (using Memory Stream for example).

Here are two blog posts from 2011 about the release of WEH 6.5…