Start Updating avocado green bathroom

Updating avocado green bathroom

we are renovating the bath— big, small, and in between.

I had to hang the pulls a little higher than I would have normally preferred because of the way the drawer was made (boo).

But it’s still an improvement in looks and in functionality (I basically needed a screwdriver to pry the drawers open before the pulls were on).

At the most basic you can simply put a fresh coat of paint on and maybe change out a bathmat or two, for many of you though that won’t be quite enough, for instance you may need to remove some slightly dated wallpaper.

This bath has plenty of space but it could use some updating.

This week we discuss options for revamping our tub and shower…

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As an alternative, ask if the landlord will allow you to adhere peel and stick linoleum tiles. Bring favorite finds into the bathroom like a rustic chair, table, ladder, or a storage cabinet. We’ve all seen those bathrooms tiled in colorful ceramics from way back in the day.

Instead of fighting it, go with it and have fun while you’re doing so by either playing off the retro vibe or adding modern touches. To save money in a bathroom remodel last year, we used an epoxy kit to rescue the dingy tub.

Please do your best to control your jealousy: I painted the cabinets with two coats of my trusty Rustoleum enamel in gloss black.

If you have similar laminate cabinets that you’re dying to ditch, I totally recommend going this route first. You can prime if you want to, but I didn’t worry about it.

For others, space may be the issue either adding it or making the most of what they have.