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But in March last year, technology research firm Gartner published a report saying that app usage is going to plateau, as many smartphone users were becoming fatigued , and didn’t want to increase their current usage levels.

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In January this year, adverts depicting "unhealthy foods" were banned from terrestrial TV during shows aimed at children under 16 because of concerns about the growing number of obese children in Britain."Tackling the obesity problem demands action in many areas to make healthy choices easier.

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With nearly four million apps available across mobile stores, and bn (£14bn) spent by customers on i OS apps in 2015 alone, predictions for the size of the mobile app marketplace by 2017 range from bn to 0bn.

Because of how quick and convenient they are, apps have seeped from mobile phones onto tablets, laptops, watches and now television sets.

On top of using traditional techniques to target a younger demographic – such as cartoon characters, film tie-ins and celebrity endorsements – the report found that junk-food producers were pushing their products on children through gaming websites or through sponsored mobile phone competitions that allow participants to win prizes.

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