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Twin dating ultrasound

It is fairly common for twins to be conceived but for only one to grow and develop. If you're pregnant as a result of a fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), you'll probably have an ultrasound as early as four or five weeks into your pregnancy.

Not to mention, it's usually your best confirmation that you are undeniably, carrying two babies.

Even with these dull, black and white, twin ultrasound images, there is some sense of wonder!

Your sonographer will make sure you're in a comfortable position, probably slightly on your side, so you don't feel faint from your babies pressing on a major blood vessel.

But she may ask you shift around a bit during the scan, so she can get good images to check your babies' progress.

It may not be easy for your sonographer to check your babies' growth, and scans won’t tell you exactly how big your babies are.

But by measuring them each time you have a scan it's possible to get an idea of whether they’re growing normally.

The growing standard for a twin pregnancy is an ultrasound at each and every visit to your doctor.

So, for all of you expectant mothers, get ready for lots of ultrasound pictures of your twins (which make great baby book and twin pregnancy journal memoirs).

" And she turned the ultra sound to us so she could point out both babies and their heartbeats.

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Because it was early for the heartbeats, they are doing another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check again. At 7 weeks we went to my first doc appt and an ultra sounds showed 2 sacs with a baby in each one.