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But Lemalu said the consideration of whether an appeal should be lodged is a normal decision that follows a ruling by the Court. O., the Office is under the watch of the Attorney General.

When the matter came up yesterday, the Chief Justice said the absence of both lawyers for the matter was disrespectful. Rather, Attorney General Lemalu Herman Retzlaff has acquired the services of an independent prosecutor to handle the matter.

“The no appearance by any of the counsels in the matter means this is taken off the list,” His Honour Patu told the Registrar. In confirming the decision to appeal the Court’s decision regarding Mauga, Lemalu said the most “important consideration is justice.” “A decision to appeal is the prerogative of the independent prosecutor to pursue,” he said.

A disabled toilet and baby changing facilities can also be found in the health visitors and district nurses area.

There is ample car parking available at the medical centre; please do not park in the area designated for staff.

“This is rather disrespectful to the Court to file an appeal and then the counsel filing the appeal does not appear.” Chief Justice Patu also questioned the National Prosecution Office as to why they were not aware of the matter. “The final say is his, and it is a professional not a personal consideration.” The appeal follows District Court Judge, Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma’s decision to find Mauga not guilty of three traffic-related charges.

The charges include negligent driving causing bodily injuries, an alternative charge of dangerous driving and failure to stop to ascertain whether anyone was injured at the scene.

a disabled toilet and baby changing facilities on your right as you enter on the ground floor.

A disabled toilet is also located on the first floor which is accessible by lift or stairs.

She wrote an update later on the post stating: ‘Found!

Thank you Facebook and all those who helped us.’ A woman had found the young boy and taken him to safety at her home, and contacted his parents when she saw the picture. It was confirmed that nine-year-old Adrien Bernier, who was reported missing following the massacre, has since been found safe.

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