Start Speed dating in memphis tennessee

Speed dating in memphis tennessee

( - The first "Speed Repping" event in the city happened at the Whitehaven Library, and that's where Local 24's Mike Matthews picks it up.

This will just help those who are coming to mingle to know who’s who.

According to the latest Census Bureau figures, there are more than 30 million Americans age 55 and older who are currently single for one reason or another. Others are divorced, separated or widows and widowers. If you're alone, and not in a romantic relationship, then this article is for you, provided of course that's what you're looking for., Massachusetts has the distinction of being the only metro area in America where the majority of the 55-and-older population (52%) is single. News interviewed one woman who is 66 and can only name two single men.

Second is Florence, South Carolina where 49% of the 55 and older crowd is single. She says she's been dating since her divorce eight years ago and still hasn't met a steady boyfriend.

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