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It's a lot of money, but DT said installing fiber-to-the-home for every German household would cost between 60 billion ($71 billion) and 80 billion ($95 billion), Light Reading reported. Individual municipalities plus national authorities typically have their own rules, landlords and pole owners can request exorbitant fees and labor is expensive.

In a blog post, Deutsche Telekom defended its use of vectoring to serve primarily rural customers, striking back at Vodafone's public complaints about its inability to access European incumbents' fiber backhaul networks on competitive terms.

“Let’s bring a new definition to the word ‘musical instrument’.” Banggos is a wearable MIDI controller, combining touch control, Wi Fi MIDI.

Expression is limited, though, by a fixed velocity of 127.

DT -- which has seen strong customer growth in homeland Germany, as well as across the United States and Germany, according to its Aug.

2 second-quarter earnings report -- has deployed more than 455,000 kilometers (about 283,000 miles) of fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), it said in its post.

The operator adds approximately 25,000 km (or 16,000 miles) of fiber annually, DT noted.

That adds up to expenditures of about 4 billion ($5 billion) each year in Germany.

Each discrete area of the two-story manor has its own decor and atmosphere, from a set of security cameras in the casino to a live rehearsal in the music room.