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The children attend school in Juba and return to the shelter to sleep, eat and socialise.

While there are no accurate figures to gauge the extent of child prostitution in the scrappy, low-rise city, the steady deterioration of South Sudan's security and economy has undoubtedly exacerbated the problem, say humanitarian workers. South Sudan descended into civil war after President Salva Kiir fired his deputy, unleashing a conflict that has spawned armed factions often following ethnic lines. independent commission said sexual violence had reached "epic proportions" in South Sudan and that 70 percent of women in Juba had suffered some form of sexual assault since the end of 2013.

"Women and girls may resort to exchanging sex for food, shelter, or money to meet their daily living needs for themselves and their families in order to survive another day," said Jennifer Melton of the U. The United Nations has warned of a possible genocide, millions face famine and an estimated 3.5 million have fled their homes, 2 million of them children. "During conflict, parents are unable to protect or care for their children, they get separated and children on their own despair and do not hesitate to use the only asset they have, which is selling their body to survive," said Cathy Groenendijk of Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC), an organisation caring for vulnerable children like Stacey.

Over the next several days, the campus began to empty out as parents turned up, searching for their children and for answers about what had happened to them.

Social workers scrambled to find alternate placements, sending some kids to emergency shelters.

Others remained in dormitory rooms, where police tracked them down to ask a long-overdue question: Do you feel safe?

State officials opened the inevitable investigation, interrogating the staff and combing through records.

Furthermore, a historical background of the RVF outbreaks was discussed in relation to global climatic anomalies and incriminated vector species.

complex was the most abundant species (91.2%) in Khartoum state.

All samples were frozen individually for further virus detection.

Total RNA was extracted from individual insects and RVF virus was detected from , 2007 to asses the situation of the disease in affected states.

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