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Sequential dating in excel cells

As we saw in Linear Regression Models for Comparing Means, categorical variables can often be used in a regression analysis by first replacing the categorical variable by a dummy variable (also called a tag variable).

See Three Factor ANOVA using Regression for information about how to apply these techniques to factorial ANOVA with more than two factors.

Example 1: Repeat the analysis from Example 1 of Basic Concepts for ANOVA with the sample data in the table on the left of Figure 1 using multiple regression.

However, many other biological definitions have been proposed, and there are some borderline cases of life, such as viruses.

Throughout history, there have been many attempts to define what is meant by "life" and many theories on the properties and emergence of living things, such as materialism, the belief that everything is made out of matter and that life is merely a complex form of it; hylomorphism, the belief that all things are a combination of matter and form, and the form of a living thing is its soul; spontaneous generation, the belief that life repeatedly emerges from non-life; and vitalism, a now largely discredited hypothesis that living organisms possess a "life force" or "vital spark".

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However, as a result, this often means loading many, many price and date combinations.

Modern definitions are more complex, with input from a diversity of scientific disciplines.

Biophysicists have proposed many definitions based on chemical systems; there are also some living systems theories, such as the Gaia hypothesis, the idea that the Earth itself is alive.

Instead of doing the analysis using ANOVA as we did there, this time we will use regression analysis instead.

First we define the following two dummy variables and map the original data into the model on the right side of Figure 1.

Having date / time in the sheet is not enough if you can not make it look like the way you want. you may want to show date as "Monday - August 25, 2008". Just select the cell with date and hit ctrl 1 and in the "Number" tab select "Custom" as category and mention "dddd mmm dd, yyy" as format string. You can do this easily with conditional formatting as shown below: In order to do this, we can test whether a given a day is weekend or not in conditional formatting by as weekday() returns 6 and 7 for Saturday and Sunday.