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The DSE is a framework for writing games based on events that are triggered by statistics.

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Why aren’t you bitching about it like you usually do? it can already be regarded as a stand alone VN by itself but that’s not what I’m planning to do…

Unfortunately, the rush to finish it before the end of the year left me with some lingering regrets and questions like what could I have done to make it better but still within my cheap, fast and efficient way of doing things… I cannot remember the Japanese VN I saw that implemented this system but it is looking very good so I copied it and put it in my project so I too can have good looking project…

the amount of regret is so much I haven’t uploaded the game on the Ren’py archives yet.

One common element of simulation-style VNs is a planner of some kind where you choose between various options for different things.

Then the game decides what events happen based on things you've already done, statistics, affection points, or things like that.

a tiny VN based around the demo VN included in Ren’py released back in 2011… Anyway as you can see in the image above I implemented a sort of blurred interactive thing for the DSE Plus – Remake I’m working on where the BG is slowly blurred while interacting with another character giving more emphasis on the character you interact since my BG’s are super detailed and super distracting.

So here is Ren’py Date Simulator, The Game (not again)…

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File "C:\Users\Laura\In The Air\renpy-6.18.3-sdk\renpy\", line 181, in load_script self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode) File "C:\Users\Laura\In The Air\renpy-6.18.3-sdk\renpy\", line 498, in load_appropriate_file self.finish_load(stmts, initcode, filename=rpyfn) File "C:\Users\Laura\In The Air\renpy-6.18.3-sdk\renpy\", line 336, in finish_load bad_node.filename, bad_node.linenumber))Script Error: Name u'events_end_day' is defined twice, at game/event_dispatcher.rpy:235 and game/event_dispatcher (2).rpy:235. The bars probably should change when you change themes...

The display_stats function displays the statistics on the screen.