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It's the second exhibition at the new Border Patrol gallery, a studio of three modestly sized rooms in the State Theatre building, whose curator-proprietors (Elizabeth Spavento and Jared Haug) describe its mission as exploring the notions of government agency and the intersections of contemporary art and corporate aesthetics. In my first time writing about him, for an exhibition called “Honey Cling To Me," a show of paintings of male friends’ bodies — specifically bears — that he rendered in fantastical visual vocabulary at Two Point Gallery in 2010, Jackson rendered his subjects on “large fabric canvases dripping with ecstatic paint.” But those subjects were only mostly naked, depicted wearing loin cloths or towels, or their genitals otherwise obscured by painterly fantasia.

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IP logins for those accounts led the FBI to two addresses in Highland, and the FBI determined that the second address on Toc Drive was the residence of Phillips and his cousin, and that they moved from the first address.

The complaint was filed Friday along with an affidavit and requested arrest warrant.

FBI officials had been led to Phillips after examining the contents of an explicit conversation with a minor on the social media app My with the minor’s parents' consent.