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But look at her when she gets the drink, smile, and do a little head nod. But, if the club is rubbish, she may be glad of somewhere to chill out." FHM says: This method seems like serious overkill, but it really depends on the bar or club you're at. Ask her what she’s drinking then if it's low get her another one. If the bar is too loud, get her number and text her yours. And remember, if you're going to pick a girl up from the bar, be sure she's the type you could bring home to mom.

Luckily, destiny and our relationship editor, , are on hand to clear up your booze-soaked blunders so you're better prepared next time.

Here are some scenarios to consider—and some to avoid entirely. Order Her The Brightest Cocktail On The Menu And Have The Bartender Send It Over Destiny says: "Fantastic!

Seniors are also growing in number and have their specialized websites that only cater to them.