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No sign up or register online sex

The Sex Offender Notification Unit is responsible for conducting an assessment on all sex offenders who move into or within the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sex Offender Notification Unit monitors registered sex offender compliance and investigates incidents involving non-compliance.

The unit is also responsible for conducting Determination Hearings when a registered sex offender requests a review of his or her case to determine if he/she must continue to register as a sex offender while residing in Maricopa County.

The Registry keeps a permanent record of the registration so parents or children can obtain a birth certificate at any time.

The public may access this information at any time through the TXDPS website located at Texas Public Sex Offender Registry.

This move will strengthen privacy protection, better secure your child's identity and reduce errors.

New birth registration forms have been distributed to hospitals throughout NSW.

Adults who are in a relationship as a couple, regardless of sex, can apply for registration of their relationship, provided at least one of them lives in NSW.

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