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He is an average teen, with two best friends and a secret after school job (as Captain Man's superhero sidekick).

In the program he had been able to sing songs such as "Tu vuo' fa' l'americano" by Renato Carosone, "You're the First, The Last, My Everything" by Barry White and songs from other artists like Alex Britti, Maroon 5 and Elton John.

He is very expressive, and has a hard time hiding his true emotions.

He is courageous, has a sharp-eye, has good instincts, and is a quick thinker.

He does not like having secrets kept from him, and always sticks up for himself. He is superficial, but has become less superficial over time.

He is also a charmer with infectious enthusiasm when it comes to girls. He is cheesy and goofy, but in a fun and infectious way.

The plot, yet again set in Arundel, follows Queen Elsa as she plans her sister Princess Anna's birthday party.

When the snow queen catches a cold, however, her icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

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