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Joining the MADtv cast at age 19, Killam was the youngest cast member hired on the show and the only cast member on MADtv to get his start on children's shows (similar to Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live).

Joshua well done and thank you for your constant support .

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! With former partner Siobhan Karam, he is the 2005 Canadian junior national champion.

My patience is wearing thin/ Swear I been contemplatin' rubbing shit in your face ’til I smear it in/ Diss you in every lyric until you fear the pen/ And never appear again/ If you actually had fucking careers to end/ But then I think of Molly Qerim and I steer ‘em in that direction and forget my ideas for them/ Molly, I’m gone off you/ Man, light some kush/ You’re my first take, I’ll nail you/ Can’t lie, I gush/ If I won you over, you would be the grand prize/ I’m entranced by your looks, come and give the Shady franchise a push/ You can get it in the can like some Anheuser-Busch/ Jeans too small, least three pant sizes tush/ Mushed against your damn side, your puss/ And thighs are squished… He mentions Molly Qerim, and I have people hitting me up thinking that it’s some sort of diss towards me. And so, I actually heard the record not knowing that she was going to be name-checked in it. So when he released it, I clicked on it as fast as anybody.

This is hardly the first time Eminem has said something like this about a female celebrity on a song, but within just minutes of the track being released, there were more than a few people tagging Jalen Rose—who is currently dating Qerim—on Twitter and asking what he thought about the rapper name-dropping his girlfriend.

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Joshua Mc Grath (born December 27, 1985 in Ottawa) is a Canadian retired ice dancer.

They placed 7th at the 2005 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and competed on both the Junior Grand Prix and the senior ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

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Killam joined the cast of MADtv as a featured player during its seventh season from 2001 to 2002.