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Orleans Parish Coroner employees remove a body from the crime scene where a chase with Honda Accord ended and two occupants died, including a 2-year-old child, after they were ejected from the car and a third person in the car then shot himself and died, near Lonely Oak Dr. The vehicle fled and began a chase for several miles before hitting a box truck on Chef Menteur Hwy and then went through two fences before coming to a rest near Lonely Oak Dr.

She got it done at Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin by tattoo artist Annie Alonzi.

“It took three hours to do, and I’m still thinking about getting it colored.” Duane talked about the pain she had to endure for this piece.

Many stayed in the park’s 88 well-appointed campsites, with views of the dunes through pine trees. Although wildlife, creeks and countless miles of high-mountain trails make the park and preserve a backpacker’s paradise, North America’s tallest sand dunes are the main attraction.

From the parking lot, distant High Dune evokes an anthill as dozens of energetic people trudge upward through the sand to the top, 699 feet higher than Medano Creek that they crossed on their way up.

If graduation is not held at the football field it will be held in the P. Overflow seating will be available in the Round Room where the ceremonies can be viewed on a big screen T. The Seniors of 2017 will enter their final school ceremony to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” played on the piano.

Gymnasium, where admission will be by tickets issued to members of the Graduating Class.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's fundraising far exceeds the amount normally spent by both the winning and losing candidates in a typical congressional race.