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Jesse james country singer dating

We hear Jessie James and Eric Decker began dating in 2011, their engagement was announced last April he actually proposed to her in Vegas the same place he first told her he loves her. Eric and Jessie open their lives to the world were they starred in E!

In 2010 she released her first single Boys in the Summer of her second album Sweet American Dreams, “When You Say My Name” her second single was released last January and her third single Military Man was released in March.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and a hit reality TV show on E!

— or at least that's how the rhyme goes for Jessie James, singer, songwriter and star of , which was recently picked up for a second season."It hasn't been that difficult," said Jessie when asked how she's juggling marriage, pregnancy, two huge careers, and now a reality show.

"Obviously, he is swamped with football, at the heart of football season right now, and I'm in Nashville right now writing and doing meetings and stuff, but we make it work. I try not to stay away from him too much — he's a needy husband, so he likes me around.

We love each other so much, and that's what makes it easy."Jessie and husband Eric Decker, who's a starting player for the Super Bowl-bound Denver Broncos, married last June and announced in September that they're expecting their first child, later revealed to be a girl, in March.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name Jessie James before …

she was linked to another football player, Reggie Bush, earlier this year.

Eric Decker and the Denver Broncos might be heading to the Super Bowl, but who cares when Decker is dating a girl as sexy as country singer Jessie James, Jessie is now known as Mrs.