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Meanwhile, Laura is already sexually active, a fact of which her mother is aware–and not entirely pleased.

Like, is this some slick way guys signal that they’re bad in bed? Someone tell me if I missed out on a bad sex trend, OK?

, Watkins stars front and center, trading broad for broken, as Val, a newly divorced single mother who uproots her sexually liberated teenage daughter, Laura (Tara Lynne Barr), to live with her brother, Alex (Tommy Dewey).

Together, the trio struggle to find their personal footing amid family dysfunction, and Watkins is given the screen time to steep in her character—a privilege she was never really allowed before.“It's funny because when you play a lot of supporting parts for the majority of your career, you are used to a functionality of coming into a scene just to give exposition,” Watkins laughs during a recent phone call.

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Actors Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey and producers, including director Jason Reitman and creator Zander Lehmann, talk about the new series, which focuses on a brother and sister dealing with life, love and dating in Los Angeles. The streaming service's 10-episode comedy (Episode 4 is available Wednesday) offers laughs as it focuses on recently divorced mom Valerie (Michaela Watkins) — dipping her toe into the foreign world of contemporary dating — and her bachelor brother Alex (Tommy Dewey), the creator of a dating-app algorithm that provides him an endless supply of beautiful, short-term lovers.

But this felt like the first time where I was bringing a lot of myself to a character.”Asked to expand on how her personal experiences informed Val, Watkins says, “For better or worse, I think [this project] came at the right time. There’s that thing where you are in your late 30s and your whole world breaks apart a little bit, and you look out into that landscape of new and different and you don’t know how you fit into it anymore and have to rebuild yourself in a new way, but not without regression and devolution.”The series presents an interesting juxtaposition in the online-dating-verse.

While I’m happily married now, I met my husband when I was at Valerie’s age, so I had a lot of heartbreak . Val’s brother, Alex, created a dating app and games the system to try to manipulate his own romantic fate.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way, either. It’s a sh*tty, thinly-veiled attempt at just getting sex. Would it kill you to get on the same page with your potential friend with benefits? Since f*ckboys tend to infuriate me on a number of levels, you can obviously see why this would be an issue with me.