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How to overcome dating insecurity

And while it can bounce back and forth from partner to partner, both the cause of our insecurity and its cure reside in us alone.

Insecure behavior lies along a broad spectrum, from mild peevishness to full-blown panic attacks.

If your partner falls on the extreme end of that scale, professional counseling is probably in order.

You can twist yourself into a pretzel trying to follow the newest so-called “dating rules”.

That negative voice inside your head can leave you feeling confused and insecure.

I just finished reading “Why He Disappeared.” It was extremely insightful. I was immature and headstrong, where it would have been wiser to be patient, positive, and enthusiastic.

I didn’t really fit EXACTLY into the female examples you gave but still got a lot out of the material. In the end, I burned most of my bridges at JDate – not because I was untalented – not because they’re a bad company – but because I failed to enroll my colleagues in the vision of greatness I had in my head. The reason I’m sharing that off-track story with you is because, for a couple of years, I blamed JDate for my failures, just as I blamed other “bosses” for our failure to cooperate.

It seems we are more fearful and insecure about dating today more than ever.

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