Start Horror storys from online dating users

Horror storys from online dating users

their’s are tales of absolute self-destruction.’Teenage user Ethan said of his desperation to get more ice: ‘Mum locked the door on me and I remember thinking... I will get money out of her one way or another.’When people take ice the dopamine levels in the brain shoot up from 100 units to over 1000, something that's about 12 times as much of a release of dopamine as you get from naturally pleasurable activities such as food and sex.

we are spending time with young people who started using when they were 15 and 13, older men putting needles in their arms…

A Four Corners investigation has revealed there are now almost 350,000 Australians taking cheap, easily accessible and highly addictive crystal methamphetamine, nicknamed ice, which destroys the brain and creates psychotic behaviour such as users gauging away at their skin as they imagine feeling insects crawling beneath it.

The ABC’s current affairs show has met with ice users, ice cooks, police and recovering addicts in Victoria and Tasmania, who painted a disturbing picture: international drug cartels are working with local bikie gangs to push ice out of the cities, and police are losing the battle to stop it.‘These addicts have the battle scars, there was a man who has ripped out all of his teeth with pliers, people pick away at their teeth, gums and skin,’ reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna told Daily Mail Australia.

The ravaged physical appearance of those consumed by the drug shocked Caro and so did the age of the people she encountered.