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Instead, as the pair ate together on a Friday night in July 2014, Schmelzer briefly described a different journey."Rich indicated he did not go to see his father; he went to Illinois," Kratz testified Thursday during the fourth day of Schmelzer's trial in the murder of Schmelzer's grandmother, Mildred Darrington.

The boy is not identified in court records but officials say he is known to Lemay.

Randazzo was arrested by Homeland Security agents and New York police in February 2014 and has been held in federal custody without bail after a judge deemed him a danger to society.

No trial date has been scheduled, according to court records.

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Kevin Kratz and Richard Schmelzer split a pizza in the kitchen of Schmelzer's spacious Texas home when things took an unexpected turn, according to Kratz.

One day earlier, Kratz rented a car for Schmelzer — to whom he is related by marriage — under the impression Schmelzer would be using it for a road trip to Arizona to talk with his father.

ATTLEBORO — A city grandmother has been linked to a New York City police sergeant who allegedly solicited women to perform sex acts on children while he watched them on an Internet video chat.