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They’re stating very loudly that they’re here to stay and that confidence and dignity are the banners which they proudly hold aloft! Fnsu6Z @joshmiddletonsa you are one talented individual - more life and more success your way sir 🙏🏼🙌🏼Tonight’s Pop #Top10at10 Chart 😊 Don’t forget, all the votes are via the Free 5FM App Votes close at 7PM O9Cvbpw39 @jdubzthe1 In the booth Lhvaf0VY @jdubzthe1 and J Carter - hands down RTVAd12w Cape Town on the rise GGwo TSxp Studio today with @jdubzthe1 and J Carter #The Cartel Uf Zm S3Pc X @Youngsta Cpt @Tia Black007 #Patti Munroe w/ @ameenharron on the decks! UB3Gr6YLolll neee bruv, @The Cartel CT studio 🥂 PGg Hs9ZIn studio today with @Keeganjohnmoore working on some new music #The Cartel Hfit2q Gqu @iam Das Kapital @niccisaintbruce @Locnville 🤣🤣🤣Some DJs : fuck there's a camera, look busy..!

The latest available Top 30 chart can be found on the chart page.

The Good Hope FM SA Top 5 is presented by Ayanda Dlamini on Tuesdays 20h00-20h30.

pls vote again and let's hit no.1 - voting polls cl… IFECan't wait to see @ameenharron's "Cold Summer" music viddy 🍍🌴Will DEFINITELY do :) ZBUz Gxu @musicexchange @BMILondon I also have a track at no.2 currently... @musicexchange @BMILondon @musicexchange loads of other tracks from artists were released who were on the camp last…

Many of us have experienced change that dramatically affects our lives.

Often it’s a trauma from which we eventually emerge as an altered person.

The Good Hope FM targets young, global, routed and now generation listeners.

The station has a target audience of LSM 6 - 9, 19 - 29 year olds.

The latest available SA Top 5 chart can be found on the chart page.