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Edward norton courtney love dating

The film follows the story of two young lovers who flee their New England town only to spark a manhunt.

Love and Norton dated for four years back in the 1990's and the Hole front woman spoke to the New York Post about his engagement.'Wow, it's about time.

He's 41, they've been together for six years,' she lamented.'He needs to have babies. He bought me a ruby.' The actors fiancé, Shauna Robertson, is a film producer who has worked on films such as Knocked Up, Superbad and Pineapple Express.

Not only because of ‘90s rock music lore, but because the two had a child together, Frances Bean Cobain, 17, who Courtney has a rocky relationship with (see below.) Kurt and Courtney met in 1990 at a rock club and wed two years later.

During the short time that they were together, both Kurt and Courtney’s careers sky-rocketed; however, their drug and music-fueled love wasn’t to last. Courtney Love Set To Auction Kurt Cobain's Belongings2.

Ed says, "They are my heroes, their music was a ray of light across the Atlantic when I was a kid." » Actor Edward Norton is begging his former flame Courtney Love to enter rehab - following months of raucous behavior from the gravel-voiced singer/actress.

According to New York gossip site Page Six, the 25th Hour star was reportedly furious when Love claimed Norton would "never marry" sexy Mexican actress Salma Hayek because "he can barely understand what she's saying".

The couple are also co-founders of Crowdrise, a fund-raising charity website which is currently helping generate funds to help the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund.

Edward is about to start filming his next project, the Wes Anderson directed drama Moonrise Kingdom alongside Bruce Willis and Tilda Swinton.

She posted a similar missive on Facebook last November.

As she types, "@Edward Norton you want to be president, and i want you to be but clean ths [sic] mess up." She also calls him a "terrifically bad sexist." FBC is Frances Bean Cobain, Love's daughter, who currently has a restraining order against her mom and is living with her paternal grandparents.

Love, who dated Norton in the 90s after costarring in "The People vs.