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For example, I’d like to give a nod of appreciation to Benjamin Blackman’s poem ‘Non-Contributing Sponge Cunts’, for its humour and boldness; to Tessa Forde’s poem ‘My Childhood as a Boy in the Pacific Islands’, for a narrative which hooked me in; and to Toni Duder’s poem ‘Cino’, for its evocation of a changed moment. I also paused, impressed, at the work of Sacha Norrie (‘he comes slowly’ and ‘semit derdnuh a deirt i / i tried a hundred times’) and Angela King (‘Scale’ and ‘Learning Centre at the Museum’).

Is there an API (possibly undocumented driver commands) to control concurrent Wi-Fi P2P?

I believe Air Drop uses IBSS since it works on Macs pre-dating Wi-Fi Direct, and uses TLS which is necessary since IBSS only provides WEP.

The quality of entries showed some flourishing poetic talent among those studying at bachelors, honours and masters level at this university, and more than a few clearly emerging poets.

Below, I’ve shared our perspective on the evolution of HD Wi-Fi design in stadiums and arenas and put forth questions that venue operators should be asking to find a solution that fits their needs and their budget.

Moving on, I’m pleased to award Second Prize to two poems by Alana Bruce, ‘So cautious, sky’ and ‘We ripped our script apart’, which were quietly expressive, and unfolded carefully with an attention to the transformative capabilities of language.

And finally I’m delighted to give First Prize to Elizabeth Welsh, the writer of ‘Water Buffalo’ and ‘Soft-shelled crab on Fridays’.

The history of high density (HD) Wi-Fi deployments in stadiums and arenas is short.