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Here’s a quick post I whipped up with ten tips to help you kick ass with women online.

Check out the ‘Rules updates’ adapted to online dating and contemporary lifestyle with cell phones.

It's always a good idea to meet your date in a public place and you should plan to keep the date fairly short.

If things go well, you will still have the option of extending the date where you are or going onto somewhere else with you date.

Women will know when you’re mass mailing out these emails UNLESS you customize each one to them (or use my “cut and paste” messages here I’ve already tested to work)A few years ago it wasn’t the case, but with more and more men using dating sites and the competition heating up, you gotta stay ahead of the masses if you wanna be successful. It should only take a few more minutes per email so its not that big of a deal but it WILL increase your results vs. A big mistake most men make is they leave their emails open ended almost as if they’re waiting for her to make the move (sure sign of a wuss). I can’t even believe I’m talking about this one but its worth mentioning because so many men screw this up and make themselves look like complete retards.