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Dating waterford crystal

The lower temperature required for making leaded crystal makes it easier for glassmakers to craft decorative configurations in crystal glasses such as intricate cuts and angles with sparkling refractions.

Identify the manufacturer of antique stemware by checking for a marker, which is typically on the bottom of the stem.

In an unfortunate and bruising move, Waterford Crystal’s main manufacturing operations were moved to Slovenia in recent years.

But the tourist centre is still there, reminding people with a dazzling display of the world's finest crystal where this stuff comes from.

Annestown, Kilmurren and Tramore beaches receive some serious swells that roll in off the Atlantic and have remained popular locations for decades.

T-Bay in Tramore holds the distinction of being the oldest surf active club in the country, having been established back in 1967.

If you take your stemware to an antiques dealer or appraisal service, bring along digital or printed images; some appraisers will look at emailed photos or faxes to begin the process.

An appraiser or website offers examples of signature differences and the distinguishing qualities of antique crystal manufacturing companies.

This area was once home to a vibrant copper mining community in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in recent years much of the coastline has been converted into a European Geopark.