Start Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

As such, younger drummers, whove cut their teeth on the power and projection of modern-day A.

I have a number of 70s and 80s Zildjian cymbals including 3 hollow logo ones and thought that I had a decent idea of the stamps and logos and a rough idea of the time frames they were made.

Here are some pictures of the stamps and how many of each type that I have.

But the folks at Zildjian were nice enough to let me pick out an ancient 14 A. Zildjian connoisseuralbeit a connoisseur who does not own a single vintage KZ, as most of the older ones that passed through my hands werent worth a damnis that its about time we afford equal time to vintage A.

Zildjian Paperthin Crash that I really cherish, a shimmering example of the hand work and dedication to quality those old timers at the original Quincy factory were capable of back in the old days before much of the grunt work in the manufacturing process was aided and abetted by machines., Pete La Roca and Ginger Baker use, or that Ive gotten to hear up close and personal in the hands of such masters as Max Roach, Louie Bellson, Connie Kay, Papa Jo Jones or Buddy Rich), Im taken aback by todays jazz drummers prevailing obsession with K. It puts me in mind of the enduring qualities of those vintage A. Zildjian-styled cymbals, as many of my all-time favorite jazz recordings feature drummers the likes of Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Mel Lewis and Art Blakey performing on K. Because after the Beatles, everything changed: bells got bigger, profiles higher, styles of lathing deeper and cymbals heavier as the prevailing tastes (and needs) of rock drummers required everything to be larger, louder, brighter and more penetratingyou practically needed Ray-Bans to play some of those bad boys.

The Zildjian Company moved from manufacturing noisemakers that frightened the enemies of the Ottoman Empire to manufacturing its cymbals as musical instruments in the 19th century.

Around 1928, Avedis III, his brother Puzant and his uncle, Aram Zildjian began manufacturing cymbals in Quincy, Massachusetts, and the Avedis Zildjian Co.

It is the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world.