Start Dating site for men with beards

Dating site for men with beards

It’s likely that there are more gawkers here than bearded men and their admirers, though, since a large number of Lumber Match users don’t post profile pictures.

The bearded men of Brooklyn, and the women who dig them, now have a niche online dating site to help them find each another.

M14 Industries allows anyone to have their own app that works on any device - i OS, Android, and so on - and will be updated, free of charge, for life.

John, who is from Stockport, ended up walking away from the Den with an £80,000 investment, offering Dragons Peter Jones and Nick Jenkins a 20% stake in the software firm.

A couple of weeks later, I created a prototype of the app in a couple of weeks, launched it. People tell us that the dates they go on via Bristlr feel a lot more relaxed because of it.