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Dating ford emblems

The centrifugal supercharger became a very popular option for the Fox-Body Mustang, although its first use on the Mustang date back several decades ago.

The 50's also brought Ford into the 50s style of design , until then they had been remodeling the same 1942 style car.

After its introduction, Henry Ford and his team quickly grew to be extremely successful.

In 1913, he introduced the moving assembly line into auto production, which is still widely used in today manufacturing facilities.

In the 50s Chryslers advertising not only pictured elegance in automotive design, it also highlighted advancements in engineering.

Hydraglide,the industries first power steering unit, was introduced in 1951, and reduced steering effort by up to 80 percent.

Fords new slogan was" 50 new improvements for the "50s.

Some of improvements were: Recessed gas filler neck, Redesigned hood ornaments, Flat-top horn ring, Three bladed cooling fan Push-button handles on exterior doors.

Anyone who gives you the line "there's no replacement for displacement" when asking about a supercharger has probably never driven a boosted Mustang before.