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Datagridview datasource not updating

That way if the user resizes a column it won't toss out their change on refresh. My recommendation: If you have ownership of the datasource, don't use a List. The Binding List has events that fire when items are added or changed, and the Data Grid View will automatically update itself when these events are fired.

I have a Data Grid View made of a Data Set of a table from the DB.

When I delete a row, it is updated in the database but it is not removed from the Grid View.

What is the best way to refresh a Data Grid View when you update the base data source?

I'm updating the datasource frequently and wanted to display the outcome to the user as it happens.

Only when I restart the application does it get removed from the Grid View. if you are showing your table in dgv and for deleting something from that table you have a button on your win form.

you chose let's say ID and click "delete" button for delting an item from db table.

I don't know if this has really been solved or not...