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The early history of Siberia is greatly influenced by the sophisticated nomadic civilizations of the Scythians (Pazyryk) on the west of the Ural Mountains and Xiongnu (Noin-Ula) on the east of the Urals, both flourishing before the Christian era.

In this report, references are given only for those sources which are not available via the website.

Rather than repeating earlier developments in extensive detail, we provide here only necessary updates on events analyzed in the previous year’s report.

In the late Middle Ages, Tibetan Buddhism spread into the areas south of Lake Baikal.

All of this material is available on the Center’s website, in the section ‘Religion in Secular Society’ ( including links to media and internet sources.

The fragments of the dinosaur skeleton were found in 1995 on the right bank of the river Kiya in the Kemerovo region.

It took scientists years to extract the bones from sandstone.

By 2010, according to data provided by the Russian Census Bureau, there were only 1,628 people of Jewish descent remaining in the JAO (less than 1% of the population), while ethnic Russians made up 92.7% of the JAO population.