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MCT has delivered millions of coated airfoils to their customers who are enjoying cost effective, successful and safe operations.

We provide these and many more coating services as needed.

Our expertise and use of the most modern technologies allow us to dramatically cut the time on production.

From idea to production, Sierra® specializes in helping you take your idea to finished product using our wide web coating and laminating equipment.

Sierra believes that by helping our customers build new products and new business opportunities, our customer’s success will allow Sierra to succeed.

Besides, we take safety as the most important thing.

We are improving value of the end-products, promoting quality of life and focusing the environment of nature at the same time.

Using our wide web laminating and coating equipment, Sierra brings high-quality, efficient manufacturing to the converting of paper and films.

If your company wants to enter a new market segment, find a vendor to improve your supply chain, or create a better value model for your product; Sierra can help.

Floor Refurbishment Our Concrete Repair products solve complex structural problems in some of the world’s most hostile environments, offering ultimate protection against water penetration, chemicals, chloride ions, carbonation and other aggressive forms of attack.

Concrete Repair Maker Coating & Construction operates in multiple sectors ranging from Social Housing through to heavy industry.

Through its facilities in Europe, and their North American partner, Performance Coatings Corporation, Spring works closely with customers worldwide to develop high performance products that combine color, functionality and respect for health and the environment.