Start Carrie anne moss and keanu reeves dating

Carrie anne moss and keanu reeves dating

Reeves plays computer programmer “Neo” who learns this truth and is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, which involves other people who have been freed from the “dream world” - including Moss' Trinity and Fishburne's Morpheus.

The director said: “We saw Carrie-Anne at the premiere.

She was nice enough to come and pay homage, which was awesome.“So I got to see Keanu, Laurence and Carrie-Anne all in the same meeting.”When asked if he’d like Carrie-Anne to join Keanu and Laurence for a full on Matrix reunion, he couldn’t be more enthusiastic at the idea.

You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.,' Morpheus told Neo.

'You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.' Enter Moss, 49, who played Trinity, the woman who entered virtual reality and freed Neo of 'the bug' that was tracking his every move by the Agents.

Fishburne, 55, played Morpheus, a supposed terrorist who had been freed from his neural connection to the Matrix and presented the famous option of realization to the character of Neo after contacting him while he was still inside his virtual reality.

Seeing stars: Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne both appear in the sequal to John Wick, with Reeves reprising his role as the title character; They were joined at the event by their co-star from years past, Carrie-Anne Moss'You take the blue pill, the story ends.

Reeves said it was “cool” to team up with Fishburne on screen and said he was keen to get involved with the sequel.

“I ran into him, and he was saying that he was a fan of the first film, and was there anything in the second film. ’” The reunion comes a day after the cast of Lord of the Rings got together and re-enacted a scene from the Fellowship of the Ring.

They were joined by their co-star from years past, Carrie-Anne Moss.

Throwback: The former freedom fighters posed together, just over 13 years after the final installment of The Matrix series, The Matrix Revolutions, premiered; seen here on a movie poster from the original movie in 1999Reeves, 52, played Neo, 'the chosen one' who would be able to save the human race from the Agents who would otherwise keep them in suspended reality.

A group of synths, however, are discovered to be conscious.