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But his role and influence in the company is being diminished with some duties going to a Chief Operating Officer, yet to be named. The Russian cyber attacks on the US election were more extensive than previously made public. And with that, Yahoo's President and CEO, Melissa Myer resigned.

It’s hard to say anymore if this is the most egregious violation of privacy revealed under leaked documents detailing government espionage of digital sources, but capturing nude and sexual images from unsuspecting users not aware they’re being targeted, and not being targeted for any reason in particular, is definitely right up there.

Even before the announced departure of head of finance Gautam Gupta, which the company announced Thursday, Uber has struggled .

The San Francisco company recently lost its head of communications, president and other senior executives as it faces allegations of sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tools designed to remove images based on how much flesh was visible were throwing out too many non-nude face shots, so instead a system was implemented to ignore images that contained no recognizable faces.