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As the guardian brushes dead leaves from a stone, he’ll tell you that a couple of German tourists were her last visitors, a year, eighteen months ago.

The Arabic inscription reads: * * * On December 14, 1936, theater director Abdelwahed Chaoui left rehearsal, returned to his family’s riad in Fez, and was told the bad news: Zina had given birth to a daughter.

Touria Chaoui is buried in the Ahl Fas cemetery, off the Boulevard d’El Hank in Casablanca. If you manage to find the entrance, take the winding dirt path to the far end of the cemetery, past the lonely grave of Abdelwahed, her father.

Another hundred meters along, through plots dug so closely that you’ll have to climb over them, feet slipping on the hard mounds, fingers catching the tops of tombstones for support, you’ll come to the grave of Touria.

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You are flying basic stick & rudder, in an open cockpit, a very agile aerobatic biplane, driven by a powerful radial engine with its distinctive rumbling sound.

No matter you are dashing across the landscape in low level, doing aerobatics or just strolling through the air – this is pure flying.

Smith took flying lessons at the age of 10 and soloed at 15.

When she was 16, she became the youngest person to hold a government pilot's license Premiéru u nás měl také film Amelia o životě slavné pilotky Amélie Earhartové v podání Hilary Swank, kde se Mia objevila v roli Elinor Smith, pilotky a obdivovatelky hlavní hrdinky.

A daughter was a difficult challenge, to be sure, but Abdelwahed was determined to rise to that challenge.